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Since 1984, the DC Cooperative Housing Coalition has been the premier organization devoted to advancing and protecting the interests of the owners of more than 100 market-rate cooperatives comprising approximately 15,000 cooperative units in the District of Columbia. The location of current members is shown on the map below. Below the map is a list of Coalition members. You can sort this list by name, address, zip code, ward, and size (number of units) by tapping on the characteristic of interest in the table heading. Members with names in bold have additional information. Click on the member name to learn more about that cooperative.

The building photographs were taken at NCB’s (National Cooperative Bank’s) expense and donated to the Coalition. We greatly appreciate and thank them for their many years of continuous support of the Coalition and the District’s housing cooperative community.

Joining the Coalition

Annual dues are calculated according to the number of units of the cooperative and are currently assessed at the rate of $1.50 per unit. You can download and print the membership application by clicking here. If you have difficulty downloading the form, please send an e-mail requesting one by clicking here. The completed form should be returned, together with a check in the amount of annual dues, to DC/CHC, c/o Jim Smith, 700 7th Street, S.W. #633, Washington, DC 20024.

Coalition Members

Members of the coalition are listed below.A member name highlighted in bold has additional information about that co-op.  Click on the name to learn more about that co-op.  To see a larger photo of the building, click on the thumbnail image. To refine your search, click on an attribute (e.g., ZIP, Ward, etc.) at the top of any column to sort in ascending/descending order.

Coalition MembersStreet AddressZIP CodeWardNumber of UnitsNeighborhood
1300_Mass_Ave_NW1300 Mass Owners Co-op, Inc. (The DeSoto)1300 Massachusetts Ave, NW #50420005231DuPont Circle
1661_Crescent_Place_NW1661 Crescent Place1661 Crescent Place, NW20009155Adams Morgan
1705_Lanier_Pl_NW1705 Lanier Cooperative1705 Lanier Place, NW20009130Lanier Heights
1820_Clydesdale_Pl_NW1820 Clydesdale Cooperative, Inc.1820 Clydesdale Place, NW20009158Adams Morgan
1832_Biltmore1832 Biltmore Street Cooperative1832 Biltmore Street, NW20009126Kalorama
1869_Mintwood_Pl_NW1869 Mintwood Place1869 Mintwood Place, NW20009114Kalorama
1870_Wyoming_Ave_NW1870 Wyoming Avenue, NW Inc.1870 Wyoming Ave, NW20009128Kalorama
1901_Wyoming_Ave_NW1901 Wyoming Avenue Cooperative Assoc. (Altamont)1901 Wyoming Ave., NW20009152Kalorama
1915_16th_St_NW1915 16th Street Cooperative1915 16th Street,  NW20009132Kalorama
2101_Connecticut_Ave_NW2101 Connecticut Ave. Co-op Apts., Inc.2101 Connecticut Ave, NW20008164Kalorama
2120_Kalorama_Rd_NW2120 Kalorama Road Co-op.2120 Kalorama Road, NW2000814Kalorama
2500_Massachusetts_Ave_NW2500 Massachusetts Ave. Co-op2500 Massachusetts Ave, NW2000828Kalorama
2540_Massachusetts_Ave_NW2540 Massachusetts Ave, NW Inc.2540 Massachusetts Ave., NW20008232Kalorama
2707.Adams.Mill2707 Adams Mill Road2707 Adams Mill Road, NW20009150Lanier Heights
2720.Wisconsin2720 Wisconsin Ave, NW Coop.2720 Wisconsin Ave, NW20007349Glover Park
2854_Connecticut_Ave_NW2854 Connecticut Avenue Cooperative2854 Connecticut Avenue, NW20008319Woodley Park
3016_Tilden_St_NW3016 Tilden Street, Inc.3016 Tilden Street, NW20008320North Cleveland Park
img3020 Tilden Street, NW Inc.3020 Tilden Street, NW20008321Cleveland Park
3024_Porter_St_NW3024 Porter Street NW, Inc.3024 Porter Street, NW20008312Cleveland Park
3026_Porter_St_NW3026 Porter Street, Inc3026 Porter Street, NW20008312Cleveland Park
3407_29th_St_NW3407-9-11 Twenty-Ninth Street, NW Inc.3407, 3409, 3411 29th St., NW20008324Cleveland Park
3620_Connecticut_Ave_NW3620 Connecticut Avenue Cooperative3620 Connecticut Ave, NW20008320North Cleveland Park
3900_Watson_Pl_NW3900 Watson Place, Inc.3900 Watson Place, NW200163141Cathedral Heights
4315_River_Rd_NW4315 River Road Coop. Assn.4315 River Road, NW #12001637American University Park
5112_Connecticut_Ave_NW5112 Connecticut Avenue Cooperative5112 Connecticut Ave, NW20008335North Cleveland Park
711_721_Hamlin_St_NE711 – 721 Hamlin Street Cooperative711-721 Hamlin Street, NE20017519Edgewood
516_A_St_NE-2Arundel Cooperative, Inc.516 A Street, NE20002620Capitol Hill
1734_P_St_NWAvondale Cooperative Apts. Inc.1734 P Street, NW20036239DuPont Circle
1736_Columbia_Rd_NWBeverly Court Cooperative, Inc.1736 Columbia Road, NW20009139Adams Morgan
3601_Connecticut_Ave_NWBroadmoor Cooperative Apartments3601 Connecticut Avenue, NW200083194Cleveland Park
1000_NJ_AVE_SECapitol Hill Tower Cooperative1000 New Jersey Avenue, SE200036344Capitol Riverfront (The Yards)
Cathedral Avenue Cooperative4101 Cathedral Ave NW
Washington, DC
200163145Cathedral Heights
1526_17th_St_NWCavanaugh Court Owners, Inc.1526 17th Street, NW20036252DuPont Circle
1701_16th_St_NWChastleton Cooperative1701 16th Street, NW200092300DuPont Circle
3315_Wisconsin_Ave_NWChesterfield Cooperative3315 Wisconsin Ave, NW20016366Cleveland Park
3039_Macomb_St_NWCleveland Cooperative, Inc.3039 Macomb Street, NW20008327Cleveland Park
1514_17th_St_NWCopley Plaza Cooperative1514 17th Street, NW200362109DuPont Circle
1840_BiltmoreHaddington Cooperative1840 Biltmore Street, NW20009116Kalorama
Hampshire Gardens4912 New Hampshire Avenue NW, DC200114102Petworth
HarborSqHarbour Square Owners, Inc.500 N Street, SW200246447Southwest Waterfront (The Wharf)
1419_R_St_NWHawarden Cooperative1419 R Street, NW20009220Logan Circle
1791_Lanier_Pl_NWLambert Owners Inc.1791 Lanier Place, NW20009117Lanier Heights
2605_Adams_Mill_Rd_NWLehigh Cooperative2605 Adams Mill Road, NW20009112Adams Morgan
6606_Georgia_Ave_NWLightview Cooperative6606 Georgia Avenue, NW20012475Brightwood
1365_Kennedy_St_NWMadison Terrace Cooperative1365 Kennedy Street, NW20011444Brightwood
1875_Mintwood_Pl_NWMintwood Place Cooperative1875 Mintwood Place, NW20009226Kalorama
2725_30th_St_SENaylor Gardens Cooperative2725 30th Street, SE200207295Naylor Gardens
imgNorfolk Cooperative5200-5210-5220 North Capitol Street, NW20011535Fort Totten
1852_Columbia_Rd_NWNetherlands Owners, Inc.1852 Columbia Road NW20009130Adams Morgan
2100_19th_St_NWNew 2100 19th Street Cooperative2100 19th Street, NW20009145Adams Morgan
2853_Ontario_Rd_NWOntario Owners, Inc.2853 Ontario Road, NW200091120Mount Pleasant
Palisades Cooperative4581 MacArthur Blvd., NW20007311Palisades
1669_Columbia_Rd_NWPlaza West Coopertive Association, Inc.1669 Columbia Road, NW20009153Lanier Heights
4514_Connecticut_Ave_NWPonce de Leon Cooperative, Inc.4514 Connecticut Ave., NW20008352North Cleveland Park
3600_Connecticut_Ave_NWPorter, Inc.3600 Connecticut Ave., NW20008328Cleveland Park
2475_Virgina_Ave_NWPotomac Plaza Apts. Cooperative, Inc.2475 Virginia Ave., NW200372273Foggy Bottom
1026_16th_St_NWPresidential Cooperative1026 16th Street, NW20036244Central
1301_Delaware_AVE_SWRiver Park Mutual Homes, Inc.1301 Delaware Ave., SW200246518Southwest Waterfront (The Wharf)
1725_17th_St_NWRutland Court Owners, Inc.1725 17th Street, NW20009279DuPont Circle
2700_Calvert_St_NWShoreham West Cooperative Apts. Inc.2700 Calvert Street, NW20008360Massachusetts Avenue Heights
imgTiber Island Cooperative Homes, Inc.429 N Street, SW200246389Southwest Waterfront (The Wharf)
3000_Tilden_St_NWTilden Gardens, Inc.3000 Tilden Street, NW200083170North Cleveland Park
3001_Veazey_Terrace_NWVan Ness North Cooperative, Inc.3001 Veazey Terrace, NW200083461Forest Hills
2510_Virginia_Ave_NWWatergate East, Inc2510 Virginia Avenue, NW200372231Foggy Bottom
700_New_Hampshire_Ave_NWWatergate South, Inc.700 New Hampshire Ave, NW200372224Foggy Bottom
4000_Cathedral_Ave_NWWestchester Corporation4000 Cathedral Ave., NW200162520Cathedral Heights
2122_California_St_NWWestmoreland Cooperative2122 California Street, NW20008260Kalorama
6445_Luzon_Ave_NWWinchester Underwood Cooperative6445 Luzon Avenue, NW20012481Brightwood