Members Only

Welcome to the Coalition’s Members Only platform!

This community space is reserved for our member housing cooperatives and their members. As part of your membership, we are providing you with access to materials to help govern and manage your housing cooperative and build your community. It is a place for you to gather ideas, research past presentations and surveys, and get support. We know new platforms can be confusing, so we have provided some guidance to help you navigate the site and make the most of your visit.

How to use the site

  • Profile – Here you can update information on your co-op’s membership or individual residents.
    • Main contact points of member co-ops (e.g., Board Presidents, General Managers) can update information pertaining to their building such as change of board members, contact information, and primary points of contact. What you will be able to view and edit is dependent on your access level
    • Residents can update their individual information so that they receive announcements of new materials and events.
  • Contact Us – Have a question or want to request a survey or information? Click here and fill out the form. It will be received and reviewed by a DCCHC board member or Administrative Representative. We will endeavor to respond as quickly as possible. There may be questions that are beyond our scope such as specific legal advice, but we will try to provide guidance as to who to contact. Tips on getting quick answers quickly:
    • Make sure your question was not answered previously (see Library below).
    • Identify yourself by providing your name and housing cooperative.
    • Keep your question clear, short and to the point.
  • Library – Here you will find a trove of information related to the management and governance of housing cooperatives in Washington, DC. The Library is searchable and includes:
    • Videos
    • Presentations
    • Past Survey Results
    • And other material (e.g., articles or guides) that may be of help. If you have material that you think would be useful to our members, please use Contact Us to reach out.



We want to hear from you! Remember this space is for you, so please provide feedback to help us improve your membership experience.