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October: DC CHC Annual Meeting. Please join the DC Cooperative Housing Coalition for our Annual Meeting on Zoom.SAVE THE DATE Thursday, October 27 @ 7PM Coalition Annual Meeting


Summer-Fall: Coalition Book on the History of DC Co-ops is Available on Amazon!; Building Structural Reviews and Reserve Studies; Saturday Seminar on the District’s energy benchmarking program; and more!


January-June: Pandemic Affects Celebration; A Condensed History of Housing Co-ops in DC; The Good Life Video; The Coalition’s History; Board Meets via Zoom; Recent Surveys; CAI Expo; Look for it: First the video, soon the book—The History of Housing Co-ops in DC; Centennial Sponsors; Co-op Coalition Member Buildings Collage; Mayor’s Proclamation

July-December: Annual Meeting — ZOOM edition!; Co-op History Book to be Released February 2021!; Council issues Resolution in Honor of 100 Years of Co-ops in DC; Appreciation – Bob Uth, Director of 100-years of Co-ops video; Thanks, Best Wishes, and Good Bye, Mike O’Dell Farewell; Recent Surveys; Alert: Coalition Transition Period; 100 Year Anniversary Supporters; Mayoral Proclamation; DC City Council Resolution


September-December: Mayoral Proclamation celebrating 100 Years of Co-ops in DC!; Save the date: CAI Expo, February 21-22; Service provider list; How will your co-op celebrate 100 years of co-ops? Appreciation for celebration sponsors; Annual meeting summary; New 100-year logo; Video/DVD documenting 100 years of co-ops history; Coalition’s 36 years of representing and promoting the interests DC co-ops.

May-August: Save the date: Coalition Annual meeting, October 22; Save the date: CAI Expo, February 21-22; NCB named top 2019 workplace; Update: 100th Anniversary of Co-ops in DC; How will your co-op celebrate 100 years of co-ops?; Appreciation for celebration sponsors; Email surveys; Open board meetings; How to appeal your real property tax assessment.
January to April: 2020: 100 Years of DC Co-ops; Another great Expo!; Welcome to 2 new co-op members and 3 new sponsors; Hamilton Happy Hour; 10 e-surveys; DC Assessments of Coalition Members Approach $2 Billion; 35 Years Serving the District’s Cooperative Housing Community.


September-December: CAI Expo Allied Partner February 23; Service Providers/Supporters Insert; DC Council passes Short-term Rental legislation; 2018 Annual Meeting; Penny Wise, Pound Foolish: When asking too much of your community manager; Solar Legislation Update.
May-July: 10/23 Annual Meeting Announcement; Helping Cooperative Communities Flourish (Roundtables) Highly Successful; When Associations Borrow- What to know before taking out a loan; DC Assessments of Coalition Members Approach $2 Billion; Recent Coalition e-Surveys; All sizes, styles, and locations (Photos of Coalition Co-op Members)
January-April: Co-ops and the Grim Reaper: What to do when someone dies!; Networking & Learning May 15; Coalition Acts Against Council “Solar Expansion” Bill; Fannie Mae Cooperative Financing Program; Recent Coalition e-Surveys; 34 Years Serving the District’s Cooperative Housing Community


September-December: CAI Expo Allied Partner March 10, Networking Reception with open bar and appetizers May 15, HELOCs, Coalition Sponsors Provider Insert, Strategies for Surviving the Covenant Amendment Process
May-August: 10/24 Annual Meeting Announcement; Bill 22-92 Short Term Rental Legislation Testimony; Cooperatives and Electronic Voting; DC Assessments of Coalition Members Exceed $1.8 Billion
January-April: 2017 CAI Expo: Another Successful Event!


September-DecemberCAI Expo Allied Partner, New Service providers (Global Inc.), 2016 Annual Meeting (DC’s water management with guest speakers from DC Water), e-mail survey summary, Coalition Sponsors Provider Insert, Harbour Square Co-op’s 50th Anniversary, 33 Years of Coalition serving the District’s cooperative housing community.
10/18 Annual Meeting Announcement; Solar Power Seminar summary; New DoL Regulations- Proper Classification of Community Employees Matters
January-April:  Coalition Members Valued at $1.8 Billion, Another Successful CAI Expo, Implications of Technology for Community Associations, The ABCs for CHC


September – December: CAI Expo Allied Partner, New Service providers (Kastle, Sahouri), New Member (The Norfolk), 2015 Annual Meeting (Councilmember Cheh guest speaker), e-mail survey summary, Coalition Sponsors Provider Insert, Coops on the Web advisory, Spring Solar Seminar in the works
May-August: 10/20 Annual Meeting Announcement; Watergate 50th Anniversary; Rental Policies & Airbnb Seminar
January-April: Rental Policy/Airbnb Seminar, Coalition Members Valued at $1.7 Billion, Another Successful CAI Expo, Carl Gerber Steps Down, PACE- A New Energy Funding Source, e-Mail Surveys, Check Your Community Association’s Policies- They May Be Unlawful


September-December: CAI Expo March 7, Financial Seminar, Annual Meeting, e-Mail Surveys, The Hiring Process: What You Should Never Ask, Special Insert: Coalition Sponsors/Service Providers
May-August: Co-ops in the Digital Age, e-mail Surveys, 30 Years of Service.
January-April: The Westchester, Condo law, Coalition turns 30!, Coalition Members top $1.5 Billion, Homestead Exemption, e-mail Surveys, CAI Expo, Importance of Web Pages 2013.


September-December: Annual Meeting, Recommended Practices for Community Associations When Creating Websites and Using Social Media, Co-ops in the Digital Age Seminar.
May-August: 100 Years of District Cooperatives, FEMA Disaster Assistance Update, Co-op Energy Savings Seminar, Coalition Member Cooperatives Exceed $1.1 Billion in Valuation.
January-April: Homestead Exemption, Revised Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9, Electric Car Charging Stations, FEMA Disaster Assistance.


September-December: CHC Annual Meeting, Release of Co-ops 101, Benchmarking Training, Energy Column, Electric Vehicles e-Survey Results.
May-August: Energy Benchmarking Seminar, Energy Column, Investment Seminar, Occupancy Limits, 2013 Assessments Up.
January-April: Financial Vetting of Prospective Owners, Investment Seminar June 9, Support and Service Animals, Energy Benchmarking Seminar, Co-ops’ 2013 Taxable Assessments Increase.


September-December: Large Co-ops to Submit Energy Benchmark Data, Coalition Board Members and Counsel Meet OTR Officials, Annual Meeting, 2012 CAI Expo.
May-August: Energy Management Changes Coming, Council Reception, Rental Units Must Be Registered.
January-April: Coalition Gets Additional Trash Credits, Jeff Coudriet Dies, FIOS Survey, CAI Expo.


September-December: All About the Board Seminar, Energy Efficiency, District Specialists Cover Impervious Area Charge, Heat Survey Results, Trash Credits But No Homestead Exemption?
May-August: OTR Customer Service Centers, Impervious Area Charge (IAC), 2011 Cooperative Assessments Drop Again, the ABCs of CHC.
January-April: Coalition Testifies Against Recordation Tax, DC Co-ops Recycling Plan, CAI Expo, New Coalition President.


Fourth Quarter: Coalition Continues Tax Efforts, District Government Meeting, DC Requires Co-ops to File Recycling Plan, Survey of Employees Salaries and Benefits
Third Quarter: New 40% Tax Assessment Floor, Transfer Taxes for Co-op Sales, Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act of 2008, Providers Listings, Salary and Benefits Survey Results.
Second Quarter: Rental/Management Survey Results, 2010 Co-op Assessment Values Decline Slightly, CAI Conference & Expo, Solar Panel/Satellite Dishes Survey Results.
First Quarter: Homestead and Tax Cap Update, Management/Rental Online Survey, the ABCs of CHC.


Fourth Quarter: ost Proprietary Documents a Growing Problem, Tom Sherwood Speaks at Annual Meeting, CAI Conference & Expo, Reverse Mortgages for Co-op Owners
Third Quarter: Edmund C. Flynn Dies, OTR Co-op Survey, Reverse Mortgages for Co-op Owners, Update on Proposed Employee Parking Fee Legislation
Second Quarter: Council Proposes Employee Parking Fee Legislation, DC Co-op Values Drop Second Year in Row, DC Real Estate Draws Foreign Investors, Reverse Mortgages
First Quarter: Council Passes Bicycle Parking Legislation, DC OTR Scandal May Exceed $44 Million, Reverse Mortgages for Co-op Owners


Fourth Quarter: DC Council Considers Bike Parking Legislation, Coalition Letter to Councilmember Phil Mendelson on Bike Parking Legislation, Member Web Pages
Third Quarter: DC Property Tax Staff Talk with Members at Saturday Seminar, Tax Rate Lowered Again, Assessment Survey
Second Quarter: DC City Council Reception a Success, CHC Board Members Reaffirmed as Representatives to DC Building Code Advisory Committee
First Quarter: Cooperatively Challenged Residents Seminar, City Council Reception.


Fourth Quarter: Annual Meeting, Board Elected, Real Estate Tax Rate Reduced
Third Quarter: Smithsonian Tour of DC Coops, Residents with Emotional, Medical Problems
Second Quarter: Tax Rate Reduced, Homestead Increased, Co-ops Increase in Value
First Quarter: First Coalition Survey, Smithsonian Tour of DC Coops, Recent GAO Reports Covering the District, In Memoriam: Robert W. Kilpatrick, Leasing Restriction Upheld


Fourth Quarter: Homestead Exemptions, Building Codes, The ABCs of CHC
Spring: Value Trends, Residential Tax Relief, Senior Citizen Real Property Tax Relief
Winter: D.C. Tax Assessment of Real Property Owned by Housing Cooperatives

Earlier Years

Spring, 2004: Assessment Survey 2005
Fall, 2003: Assessments Revisited III, Tax Relief and Tax Credits, Third Assessment Survey
Summer, 2002: Assessments Revisited
Winter, 2001b: Assessment of Coops in the District of Columbia, Emergency Preparedness
Winter, 2001a: Hallway Land Grab, Finding the Right Management Services
Fall, 2000: Home Occupation, President’s Remarks, Auditing Cooperatives, Rule Enforcement Without Lawyers