3016 Tilden Street, N.W.

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3016 Tilden Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20008

20 Apartments

North Cleveland Park, Ward 3, ANC: 3F

Simmons Management Group, 8911 60th Ave, 2nd Fl., College Park MD 20740, Telephone 301/593-9300 x 12; Lakia Dickens, propone@simmonsmgmtgrp.com

Storage Areas, Beautiful Gardens, Laundry Room

Our building has a long and distinguished history as one of six buildings in the Tilden Gardens complex of north Cleveland Park. The complex, listed among Washington’s “Best Addresses,” is renowned for its spacious, sunny apartments and lush, formal gardens, with beautiful views over the city and easy access to Metro, shops and restaurants and Rock Creek Park. 

All the buildings were constructed in this prime location on similar plans between 1927 and 1930 and named for Samuel J. Tilden, who won a majority of the popular vote for U.S. president in 1876 as the Democratic nominee. He lost the office to Rutherford B. Hayes in an electoral commission verdict that is still disputed.

Our building, Building A, was completed first, in 1927, and then the others, including the main “Club building” at 3900 Connecticut Avenue. All the units in 3016 sold within 30 days of being offered to the public in 1927 as luxury co-operative apartments. Unit 501 was the most expensive, bringing in $16,165. Because of the Depression, four other Tilden Gardens buildings were rentals until 1939. All are now co-ops and managed by three independent cooperative associations. Our association is the smallest, with 0.45 acres and just this building. But no fences separate the famous gardens that link all six buildings.

3016 Tilden has four units on each of its five floors. Each apartment has windows on three sides, and the building is so situated amid tall trees that all apartments are full of dappled sunlight. Each unit is identical in size and original floor plan to the ones directly above and below in its “tier.” Renovations over the years have of course changed many units’ inner walls and general appearance. Each unit has an assigned storage area in the basement, which also houses the laundry room, utility area and the apartment of the Resident Manager.

In 2006-2008, capital improvements to our building included a new roof, skylights, guttering and downspouts; landscape grading, window well installation and drain replacements; laundry room renovation; radiator valve replacement; energy-saving boiler, thermostat, fuel-use and lighting changes; and exterior painting and tuckpointing. 

With its modern outlook, traditional comforts and efficient management, 3016 Tilden St N.W. is a choice residence in one of Washington’s most sought-after neighborhoods.