Articles About Cooperatives

Intimidated by a Co-Op? Don’t Be. By Erin Bylander. The article appeared in the October 10, 2013 edition of the Washington Post Express, the free paper distributed at Metro stations. Ms. Bylander researched and wrote the article to learn about DC co-ops (her editor initially told her, “DC doesn’t have any co-ops”) after a friend of hers told her about her experience buying a co-op in New York City.

Co-Ops for Dummies. By Shilpi Paul. This article appeared in the October 24, 2013 edition of Urban Turf. Urban Turf’s publisher, Will Smith, bought a co-op last year (I don’t know which one). You can sign-up for Urban Turf’s daily e-mails that contain some great, and current, information about DC real estate.

Co-ops 101. The Coalition’s Co-ops 101 is also available online as a free PDF download.

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